Monday, 31 May 2010

The Bad Leuitenent 1992 - Abel Ferrara

The Werner Herzog remake is out at the moment. Watched the original from 1992 last night.

Felt just like a Scorsese film. Same actor. Same area. Same themes. It's quite a short film. I enjoyed it. The director looks at faith, living a lie, and corruption. The emphasis isn't on the guy being a cop, just an authoritative figure in society. Pretty much just centres around the one actor and his whole contradiction in life. I don't know if these characters are believable. The acting surely convinces you at the time.

The film wasn't really lacking in any departments, unless you want more depth. I liked that it didn't feel really long and drawn out. I was satisfied. If you get a chance to see if before the Herzog version, I definitely recommend doing so. Keitel has this mental breakdown in the church that's worth watching for acting alone.

EDIT: Just found out that the Herzog 'version' of this film just shares a similar title and is NOT a remake. Herzog hasn't even seen this film.

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