Saturday, 26 June 2010

Do Make Say Think

Yes, that's the name of the band. I've got 6 of their albums/EPs.

Quick crash course on instrumental/post-rock bands first. We're talking instrumentals. 'Post-rock' as it's labelled (you get post-metal too). The thing is most post-rock is rubbish. It's basically the 'classical' music scale exploited with rock instruments, so you've got to be good at it. Those that are good at guitar etc wouldn't play post-rock unless they formed at university or something, they'd play in classical groups I guess. Songs tend to be 10-30 minutes long, and can incorporate other instruments and techniques/influences (these are mainly electronic). We're talking instrumental rock bands with orchestras, violins, some jazzy-lounge take.. Very rarely do you get vocals, and very rarely do the bands manage to utilised their musical talents into a form that doesn't bore the hell out of you. Some obviously have a lot of talent, but just 'noodle' around and revel in the whole pretentious-underground-hipster 'this is so deep' bs.

Do Make Say Think are a band from Canada: jazz style drums, distorted guitars, and wind instruments, prominent use of the bass guitar (Wikipedia)

This band actually knows what they're doing and has the formula pinned down. Guys that tend to be into jazz fusion and krautrock (ok -- it reminds me of a German krautrock band called CAN -- another blogpost on that genre, perhaps) -- the influences show -- and they can actually program electronic synths and stuff into their beautifully orchestrated music and still create sonic walls of sounds and intricate, intriguing 'noodling' that does actually go somewhere. You may feel like you're floating around the depths of space but sit back and enjoy it. You won't be bored. Especially if you have synaesthesia (seeing visual colours in the mind relating to musical patterns/emotions via auditory senses.)

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