Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

A Spanish romance drama, by Woody Allen. I've seen Annie Hall, and I've seen Manhattan. This film wasn't exactly reminiscent of them. I wouldn't of known it was by Woody.

I don't really care about the actors. Some of them are fairly well known. Not to me though. I don't really know if the storyline was as believable as those in the other films I've seen. I enjoyed those more. Especially some of the shots in Manhattan. Guess he's too old to be messing around with these actresses. Would of enjoyed it more if he did.

This film doesn't follow those atypical/standard relationships. It didn't suffer for that reason, it just wasn't as enjoyable as the other drama romances I've seen by the same director (he starred in them and he'd talk as the director in the film, etc). It's an enjoyable film of 1.5hrs, there's no boring filler parts in it or anything. I guess Woody's just looking at different types of relationships. I don't actually know what else he's directed.

Not the best romance film; it's more about being unsure of yourself and having regrets. It's not one of those profound romances either. It has a narrator, it's quite fast paced, etc. I guess the females were just looking for ways to confirm that they were happy in life by cheating, and this film tried to justify that. That's probably why I didn't find it realistic. Or perhaps it is... Couple girl-friends go away together to Barcelona and both fall for one guy? Both completely different women: one wanting stability, one wanting the more avant-garde kinda relationship. It made me think about women who've got engaged: do they actually go out on those hen nights and have their last night of freedom by shagging some guy? How many do? It seems to be an accepted thing, or at least something you always hear about.

I didn't go out to watch this film anyway. Got it for someone else but I guess if I wasn't somewhat interested in it I wouldn't of watched all of it. For people that enjoy big-name actors -- they'd probably like this film.

This is drama romance film that looks at polyamory. Something I am not interested in but loads of people probably are. I don't understand why people like actors/actresses attractive, either.

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