Saturday, 31 July 2010

Тіні забутих предків

This is a Ukrainian film from 1964 by Sergei Paradjanov called Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. This was the directors first film which won him international acclaim. The amount of colour and the craft and detail of the costumes in this film is stunning.

This film centres around 1 male protagonist and concentrates on Hutsul culture. You will see family warfare, hear unique, wonderful music, and become somewhat accustomed to the traditions of the culture.

This isn't just some family-orientated boring domestic film. I actually watched about 15mins before realising I didn't have the subtitles on. A lot more happens in it than that. This is film is one big visually stunning phantasmagoria. Also... Copious amounts of folklore.. and sorcery!

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Ramón said...


Yo también vi este film sin subtítulos, así como The Color of Pomegranates.