Friday, 23 July 2010

Ivan's Childhood

This is a Russian film from 1962 directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.

It's about a Russian boy whose village is destroyed by the Nazis, and he becomes a prisoner. He manages to escape and ends up convincing the Russian army that he'll spy for them, and he does.

This is a fantastic film, and Tarkovsky's first. Apparently, he's not even credited in this. I can't say much about this film without spoiling it.

It's about the loss of childhood innocence. I knew when I was watching it that if I wanted to say something about it, it would just ruin it.

A lot of directors were influenced by this film (Bergman etc), but Tarkovsky itself wasn't pleased with it. I can understand why to some degree, as there's only small bits that emphasise his style.

Oh, if you've seen Come and See, this is similar, although not as terrifying.

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