Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mein Liebster Feind

My Best Fiend or "My Dearest Enemy". This is a documentary from 1999 that shows the working relationship between actor Klaus Kinski and director Werner Herzog.

This actor/director collaboration created 5 films together: Cobra Verde, Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre, Wrath of God, Nosferatu, and Woyzeck.

As always, Werner Herzog documentaries are fantastic, with beautiful shots, and really capture the audience. I could listen to Herzog's voice for hours. It has this really calming, introspective quality that really allows you to find tranquillity within yourself. I guess I'm always in the mood for something like this.

This is a huge insight not only into their relationship but shows you a lot of how the films were made, behind the scenes camera-man footage, as well as Klaus going absolutely crazy in furious tantrums.

Yes I do have the boxset version of the DVD, I just figured I could swap the cover around and get the first edition cover(?)

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