Sunday, 6 February 2011

Black Swan -- Darren Aronofsky

I saw Pi by Aronofsky ages ago. It's a film from the 90s. I remember contemplating picking it up again. It's a psychological, dark film.

I saw Black Swan was from the same director, so went to see it. It exposed me to ballet, I enjoyed that. It was quite a thrilling film. It kept me entertained without offending me. I found it very much like a David Lynch film. This was clarified with a lesbian scene, that didn't really make sense. But by then nothing really did, and it didn't have to. It just seems like a lot of directors working in the hallucigenic psychological realm with females just have to have them shagging each other.

It's very intense, the music and choreography of the dancers is authentically passionate, and makes it a sort of thriller due to the melodramatic scenes of madness in-between dances and rehearsals.

Just try not to expect any amount of depth from it. It works as it is, despite a few questionable scenes.

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