Thursday, 24 February 2011

La Soufrière

 Another Werner Herzog documentary, this one being older -- made in '77. Otherwise known as Warten auf eine unausweichliche Katastrophe ("La Soufrière - Waiting for an Inevitable Disaster").

Herzog visits an island on which a volcano is about to erupt. Nothing unusual there. He had heard that one man had refused to leave, and of course wanted to go find him for a chat. We're taken around the town, down streets and backroad and along the coast. It's completely deserted. Everyone has left. Animals roam the streets, dogs scrounge what little they can.

Eventually the crew takes a casual stroll up the mountainside, but return only because the clouds of sulphurous stream get the in the way. Or as Herzog more elegantly puts it, "drift that harbingers of death". The crew meet and chat with a couple of the guys, one being the man who stayed behind. I won't spoil what they say.

To conclude a half hour film: I've said lots about Herzog and the egocentric characters he finds, their harmony with nature, (or insanity). Hopefully there are more of his viewers, who also enjoy peering outside of our mainstream society.

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