Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's Winter (2006)

Here's an Iranian film set in Tehran. A man leaves home to find work abroad, leaving his wife and daughter behind. Months go by and no one hears from him. It was confusing to figure out if he just lost his beard, because that's what the main character looks like.

A younger looking man comes into that town looking for work. It's a very bleak look that basically shows us unemployment, even when people are trained specialists like the mechanics in the film.

It's a extremely cold and distant film, with some great cinematography depicting the cold, blunt isolation and lets us feel walking around the snow without a hat or a coat is the least of their worries. It's reminded me of more of the deprived scenes in Uzak, a Turkish film.

I don't understand the claim of "wanting to leave the country" (yes, that's obvious) "yet bound to home by blood" -- the latter didn't seem to relate to anything but with a film with hardly any substantial dialogue I suppose you can say what you like.

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