Friday, 9 December 2011

A Return From Hiatus?

This is a reminder: I have several books and films to blog about. Some film,s however, aren't worth mentioning, and therefore haven't made the list.

  • dance dance dance - H. Murakami
    • This leads on from previous read Wild Shape Chase
  • Currently reading: 19Q4 by Murakami
    • Murakami is an accessible read to break up my studies
  • and, The Magus by Fowles
  • soon to also be The Fall by Camus

  • The Bicycle Thief - De Sica. I am surprised I haven't watched it sooner.
  • Dersu Uzala - Kurosawa. Russian collaboration about a native Siberian.
  • Raise the Red Lantern -- Yimou. Based in 1920s. A woman becomes one of several concubines to wealthy man.
  • Seraphine - Provost -- Belgian film on the life of French artist Séraphine
  • The White Ribbon -- Austrian-German film by Haneke. Drama based on a family pre WW1
For something more worthy to blog about, here are some fantastic collections of recommended novellas that perhaps others would benefit from reading alongside a busy study or work schedule (so busy, perhaps, that they cannot research their own recommendations list!):

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