Friday, 28 May 2010

I Do Blog About Techstuff...

..except it's not always that fun.

My graphics card, the 8800GT 256mb by Inno3D has fried. It actually overheated when I got it, so I stuck that chunky third-party cooler on it. It's lasted about a year or so.

Behaviour was very weird. The right-hand side for the DVI connector won't receive any signal, so I used the left. Booted into the o/s, and it won't use the native resolution of the monitor. Freezes and crashes after a few minutes. The behavior gets worse. This is all in Ubuntu x64. I boot into Windows 7. This has a fit, and instead of blacking out and staying that way like Ubuntu did, it managed to recover (actually saying 'Recovered from blah blah graphics'..) and then I got the point. I rebooted and that was it. No life.

I'd like to thank this card for living on crutches and serving me quite a few hours on a variety of different games. When I actually played games, which was summer 2009. We had a small funeral with a few attendees: Battlefield 2 (proudly wearing his 'sale' badge), Splintercell: Chaos Theory, Beyond Good and Evil (did a nice talk about being played once (1)), Garry's Mod ("he never did understand me, but I thought he was a good guy"), Braid (kept quiet really, never really said knew the 8800GT), Geometry Wars (who had a brief relationship with him), Droplitz (who was a guilt pleasure, someone 8800GT could always turn to), CoD: WaW (was asked to leave), Audiosurf, Left 4 Dead (who didn't look very well himself), and the Orangebox (didn't seem very happy either).

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