Sunday, 25 July 2010

Soy Cuba

This is a Soviet/Cuban film from 1964 by Mikhail Kalatozov. It wasn't received very well at the time from either of those countries.

Whilst being shot in B&W it has colour filters that exaggerate contrast. This makes clouds, trees, and other such materials look a bright white, and darker stuff very black.

The camera work in this is really impressive "always moving and soaring over the sugar fields, swooping in and out of urban buildings, following characters down narrow streets."

It has 4 short stories ranging from farmers, students, prostitution, revolution. It's not propaganda, but a beautiful film.

It's difficult to go into much depth. I don't have a degree in film to tell you about the cinematography or Russian history, and you don't need either to watch this. All I can give you is my opinion; this is one of the most gorgeous films I've seen, so much that I went out and bought another by the same director.

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