Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hour of The Wolf

Hour of the Wolf is a Swedish film from 1968 by Ingmar Bergman. It is described as a "gothic, psychological horror*".

This is said to be one of the director's most personal films. The atmosphere that I expected from something that is hailed as a gothic horror by Bergman just didn't cut it. The film was a mess, and I don't just mean the plot that could of been a mess for a good, psychological reason, but lacking certain elements to make the film interesting or entertaining.

If I was to break a film down into things to comment on it would be the plot, camera work, acting, sound, atmosphere, and dialogue. I can conclude by saying that none of the aforementioned is worth discussing. This is a very average film and I'm glad it wasn't any longer (1hr24m). A lot of it consists of the main character and his wife staying up all night talking (70% dull), followed by visits to a castle full of people - some good stuff going on here, but doesn't last for long.

This film for me really lacks any type of depth - even the type to make it an old clichéd black and white horror* film.

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