Saturday, 25 December 2010

Gridlock -- Formless (2003)

Physiological Events at the Neural Synapses. That's how I sum up this album. Gridlock are a duo from 1994 created by Mike Cadoo and Mike Wells. I can't find much on the latter.

In a nutshell this album contains some harsh beats (where appropriate), luscious textures, and manages to offer you complete escapism into futuristic soundscapes. Listen with headphones to fully appreciate. This album will consume your mind, and leave you with a numbing expererience, one you'll come back for, because there's too much to absorb on first listen. This is the merging of industrial/dark ambient/IDM -- and it's done to perfection. So much so that this isn't like anything I've heard before. Highly recommended -- aurally accessible to a range of audiences.

Yes, it's possible to construct a galaxy with sounds. Hear it for yourself.


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