Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Spangle call Lilli line

I've mentioned SCLL before, but not on here. I've listened to this little Japanese band for about 5 years now, and they have quite a few records available, if you can afford to import them...

To sum them up: beautiful female vocals, seamlessly flowing strings, melancholic, lazy Sunday music that all flows into something highly addictive, and accessible throughout all our moments.

They don't really have any recognition outside of Japan at all. Checking on, they don't have that many fans either. They've been going since 1998, though?

Sample: 2008/10/22発売のSpangle call Lilli line『PURPLE』(PECF-1006)から、cast a spell on herのPVです。

Sample2: One of my old favourites, tried to manually translate this from Japanese on a train journey in 2006:

Download spangle_call_lili_line_-_Nanae.rar from


Paul said...

Interesting, but not enough to pay those prices!

One tip on Japanese imports - it's often cheaper to buy from and pay extra shipping costs than from - still expensive though.

Jake said...

I don't physically own any of their music. There's too much music out there to pay more than triple for a CD... and it's so easily accessible.

To buy CDs seems to be to denying yourself the luxury of acquiring music in its purest art form